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Dean of Guildford

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Guildford Cathedral
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Diocese of Guildford
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From Bishop Andrew

Thank you for your interest in Guildford Cathedral, and for opening yourself up to the possibility that God may be calling you to be our new Dean. We very much hope that the information provided here is helpful to you in discerning God’s call.

I first visited Guildford Cathedral in 2014, as part of a ‘recce’ of the diocese prior to my interview for the role of Bishop in 2014. In the ten years since then I have grown to know and love both the building and the Cathedral community; and I feel privileged to have my ‘Cathedra’ in such a remarkable place.

The Cathedral is in a prominent position and can be seen from miles around – including from one of the busiest ‘A’ roads in the country. It has a beautiful simplicity and elegance, with many first-time visitors expressing a sense of awe as they enter the building, and some (including two of our serving clergy) having first met with God as they stepped inside.

My current Bishop’s Leadership Team is happy, prayerful, and mutually supportive, and much looks forward to welcoming in a new senior colleague who will both reenergise the Cathedral and bring wider perspectives to our diocesan life and mission.

Shortlisting: 22nd May 2024
Interviews: 20th June 2024

Post Introduction

The Cathedral occupies a hill-top position in Guildford, Surrey and is the mother church of the Diocese of Guildford. When the Diocese came into existence in 1927 there was no church large enough, or which could be extended, to become the Cathedral of the new Diocese. In due course land at the top of Stag Hill was given to the Diocese for the construction of a new cathedral.

There are aspects of the Cathedral’s colourful, if relatively short history, that continue to resonate across the county and the wider diocese. In particular, there are long and widespread memories of ‘youth pilgrimages’, where young people from across the diocese would walk up to 20 miles to take part in a youth celebration every Whit Monday. There is something both unique and powerful about the dedication of the Cathedral to the Holy Spirit.

The Cathedral has huge strengths, which is it is easy to take for granted: and one of the key roles of a new Dean will be to build upon those. 

Main Responsibilities

The purpose of the role is to lead the life and work of the Cathedral Church of Guildford and to share with the Diocesan Bishop and other senior Colleagues in the oversight of the Diocese of Guildford.

These will include:

Refresh vision: To play a key leadership role in discerning and implementing a vision for the Cathedral which sets out its purpose and ministry within the town, county and diocese, ensuring it can continue to serve God and the community graciously, generously and faithfully.

Grow and deepen discipleship: Actively to explore and develop ways in which the Cathedral can evolve and grow its ministry and mission, ensuring that the transforming love of Christ is shared authentically such that the Cathedral plays a distinctive and significant role in growing and deepening discipleship within its own congregation and the wider diocese.

Team building: To develop the Cathedral community, its gifts and skills, in order to create an ethos of mutual support and fellowship, nurturing a positive, purposeful place of belonging.

Financial sustainability: To lead the development of a financial strategy which inspires confidence and creatively engages potential supporters in the future of the Cathedral, ensuring future sustainability, particularly in response to the outcome of the Land Sale Project.

Influential presence: To be a relational and engaging presence, sharing the Cathedral’s positive and distinctive contribution in different fora including the Bishop’s leadership team, the Bishop’s council and key civic contexts.

The Ideal Candidate

Someone who is:

  • A confident leader who can prayerfully develop and articulate a vision and strategy for the Cathedral. A creative innovator and change leader who acts with courage and purpose, is willing to try new ideas, take risks and will inspire others.
  • A gifted preacher, celebrant and leader of worship who welcomes a range of traditions into the life of the Cathedral. A person who encourages and enables others to glorify God through excellence in liturgy and music whilst building on the richness of the current musical tradition.
  • A loving pastor who can reach out, build, repair and sustain relationships within the cathedral community and more widely across the town, county and diocese. An evangelist who strives to share the love of Christ in every circumstance, delights in inviting others into fellowship with God and helps them to deepen their faith.
  • An efficient and effective steward who is comfortable with complexity and experienced in leading change. Someone who has significant governance and financial experience with the wisdom to know when to seek and act on the advice of professional expertise; someone who can lead a team to balance the mission and ministry of the Cathedral with the operational need to govern and resource it effectively.
  • A calmly resilient priest, able to bring hope and joy in challenging circumstances. A person firmly rooted in prayer able to be obedient to the generosity of the loving God, and to encourage and galvanize others.

About Us

The Cathedral is brilliantly situated, right in the middle of the diocese of which it is the Mother Church. It has an excellent musical tradition, including one of the best girl choirs in the country. The Cathedral sits adjacent to one of the best-rated of the newer universities, with whom it has substantial links – giving access to 15,000 students from a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. It is widely seen as the go-to place for civic occasions in the county of Surrey. The Cathedral a strong schools programme, including hosting Leavers’ services for all church primary schools across the diocese.

Guildford does not have city status. The Anglican Deanery of Guildford is the largest in the Diocese with sixteen parishes. The Cathedral is at the geographical centre.

It is probably unique among all cathedrals in the UK in being built for the age of the motor car, and therefore having adequate parking!

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